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Piano in the time of Corona


If you’ve been following me here (congratz! with one post every 9 month, you are a true fan), you should have noticed that my previous post was quite grim. With the start of Corona virus pandemic and the fact that my project was almost shutdown, I suddenly found myself with an extra hour a day.

I had Piano training for about a year back in highschool and always wanted to pick up where I had left off. Listening to the Piano always brought back memories of playing it, but I never had time. This time I thought let’s do it!

After some research, I found a good piano teacher who was specialized in working with adults here in Sydney. All I needed was a Piano that I could find and order online and voila! I had officially started my lessons again!

I decided to record my progress over time and that’s how Piano Escape youtube channel was created!

It’s amazing how much progress you can have with only 1 hour a day practice. This is one of my first mini pieces, the super simplified Polovtsian Dance:

And this is one of the latest pieces, Minuet I of mister Bach:

And my last masterpiece as of this writing, Plaisir d’Amour:

When I started in 2020/10/15, about 8 month ago as of this writing, I couldn’t even play 5 keys in order properly; and today I can play some mini pieces. It’s still day one and I am sure that I play worse than a kid, but I am happy with my progress, just one hour a day.

I’ll continue my practice as I found playing piano a great hobby that contributes to my feeling of self worth and inner peace. Hopefully you will see a lot more progress and more interesting pieces on my channel Piano Escape as I learn more.